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NATG VI - Day 30: Prehistoric Apparel by CMC--Scootaloo NATG VI - Day 30: Prehistoric Apparel by CMC--Scootaloo
Finished! This is my submission for the last day of this year's Newbie Artist Training Grounds. The theme for the last day, as in every year, is:

Draw any previous prompt/Draw every previous prompt

For this last day, I chose the prompt of Day 5, Draw a pony in peril/Draw a pony in apparel.
And since I had just worked myself through what is to find for Petunia Paleo on Derpibooru and desperately need more of her, I decided to draw her, wearing her ponysaurus skull on her head.
All while her parents faint off-screen.....

And with this, the Newbie Artist Training Grounds are concluded for this year..... Sadly, my least successful Newbie Artist Training Grounds from all those I participated in since 2013.
I still made some improvement during the few days I could submit to them, but I missed most days nonetheless..... The combination of Season 6 and that I'm getting into a strict schedule with fic writing currently didn't leave me much time to participate. Even this last entry makes it only in shortly before the final deadline, because I could only start to work on it rather late.
So, I'm leaving these Newbie Artist Training Grounds unfortunately with a good amount of disappointment, as well as shame for it that I couldn't push myself harder and be more disciplined.....
I really hope I can somehow make up for this next year and that I finally manage it to participate on every single day there.

In general, though, the Newbie Artist Training Grounds were a success again this year. I was worried that the event could drown because of the dropping participation last year, but this year calmed my worries fully!
The total number of sent in ponies reached almost twice as much as last year and the number the event last year has reached in its 15 days of runtime was already exceeded after Day 15 of this year's event was over!
The Newbie Artist Training Grounds are clearly on the rise again in popularity, so the tweaks that were made to it really helped!
I can't wait to participate next year again!

Time Taken: 5 Hours and 44 Minutes

Edit: Turns out this isn't the last day. xD Calpain makes one more day with a graduation prompt, but I'm not sure if I can participate, so I will let these words up there just stand as they are. They will be as legit tomorrow as they are now.
hopefaithxoxo Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Soooo adorable! ❤️

I am doing MLP too,
check it out if you want :)

And my commissions are opened ;)
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September 15, 2016
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