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NATG VI - Day 8: Pegasus Sibling Hoofbump! by CMC--Scootaloo NATG VI - Day 8: Pegasus Sibling Hoofbump! by CMC--Scootaloo

This first week of the Newbie Artist Training Grounds was crazy for me! I could participate on the first day with only a WIP picture of another picture that I have begun before the NATG, then I couldn't make Day 2 because I was busy with writing an important fic.
I could participate for Day 3 again, but on Days 4 and 5, I was so tired from putting so much work into that fic that I just didn't make it. And for Days 6 and 7..... I can't explain it, really. When I wanted to participate yesterday, I discovered that I suddenly had a feeling of anxiety towards drawing. Every time I was thinking about firing up Paint Tool SAI, I suddenly had a really strange feeling of fear and this prevented me from drawing. I think the same happened on Day 6 as well.....
Not the best start into the Newbie Artist Training Grounds.....
But now I'm back!

For this day, I have a traditional drawing for once. I spent the evening outside today, because it was the 3rd Anniversary of my purchase of the Cutie Mark Crusaders Micro Series issue and I celebrated this with my Cutie Mark Crusaders plushies by eating good food and hanging out outside, so I couldn't use Paint Tool SAI to draw something.

For this day, Day #8, the theme is: Drawing a pony as a filly or colt/Drawing a tiny pony.
So I went ahead and decided to draw Crackle Pop! And what would Crackle Pop be without his twin sister Chirpy Hooves? So here are Crackle Pop and Chirpy exchanging a conspiratorial hoofbump!
What have they done? Probably pranked Rainbow Dash on their most recent visit in Ponyville.
Unfortunately, this upload here is only a photo..... My scanner doesn't work right now, so this has to do it.

Drawing this was surprisingly fast. There are still a lot of flaws, but when I began drawing, I noticed that I didn't find it any trouble and I felt really safe and secure while drawing, so I didn't redraw much, some lines got put down right the first time and I put this picture out in record time! I can't believe that I was able to draw this picture so fast, my mind is really blown by this! It shows that I'm slowly, but steady, improve and get more secure in drawing ponies.

With this, I'm back in the game of the Newbie Artist Training Grounds and I hope the anxiety problems are over and done with now so that I can participate for the rest of the event without interruptions!

Time Taken: 3 Hours and 39 Minutes (roughly)
goldfaether Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Cool like it
CMC--Scootaloo Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! :D
goldfaether Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
No problem
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