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And it did not come unexpected. Today, I received a ban there, which was something that really was a long time coming already. Not because of bad behavior on my part, but because EQD has changed.
There are a multitude of reasons that indirectly play a factor in this ban. I will post some more journals about that, detailing all of them one after another.
I realize that not many will read this, because I don't have many watchers here, but it's mostly to vent and let off some steam.
There are quite a few things about EQD that I'm bottling up for a while now and they want to break free, now that it doesn't matter anymore when I put certain negative things about this site into the limelight.
For now, I will leave it at this and just calm down. There are certain other things I need to get organized first, but expect the first of the journals soon.
And be prepared for long reads too, because I have a lot to say. See you soon.
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SilverMerMira Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
My only suggestion is to contact the site and ask them to give you a reason as to why they banned you.
Sites change and people do as well , i wish i knew why EQD is going the way they are .
But sadly i do not.
Take it easy my friend and things will get better in time.
totwillas Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017
Why is it so hard for you to understand a ban revolving around the concept of you sexualizing children (or foals, in this case)? Whether they're fictional or not, it's still extremely creepy. It might not seem wrong at all to you, but that's the issue here. They're kids, and you know it. There's a difference between liking them as characters and liking them as something that the site, or anyone on it, really shouldn't have to tolerate. 
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CMC--Scootaloo Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
A comment full of half-truths combined with insulting what I love, and myself for loving it, is not giving you a strong point. In fact, it's not giving you any point.
CMC--Scootaloo Featured By Owner Edited Feb 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
The point of tolerance is to tolerate even those things that you don't like and people that are different than you, no matter if you agree with their viewpoints and lifestyle, or not.
It is "so hard for me to understand" because there is nothing to understand, except for that EQD has developed its own little society where honest and good people, who don't harm a fly, get cast out for being different and over such entirely subjective things as "being creepy".
The key to a good and friendly society is not to cast out those who are different, so that they can go somewhere else and found their own little society there. This only leads to the creation of small fractions that don't care about or for each other and, inevitably, to fights between those fractions since they differ so much. Which is something the world we live in had enough of already and one of the initial reasons why the show attracted so many fans, because of that message of tolerance and loving each other no matter the difference, and why "Love & Tolerance" was made to the fandom's motto by the early bronies that founded it in the first place. Because people felt sick by all that hatred and fighting and by how people get judged for being different. They wanted to leave this behind, so they created a fandom where it can be left behind and where everyone can feel safe, no matter what they like or how different they are.
Fast forward to more than six years later and, at least on EQD, this has been nothing but broken and today, there is as much fighting and hatred and as much bile thrown at people simply for "being different" than it was the case before.
As I said, this is not the sign of a good society. A good society is one where everyone is equally welcomed, regardless the differences and interests, as long as they don't attack other people for their own views on life and don't harm anyone and where people with all different sorts of tastes, interests and viewpoints on life can come together and live united without anyone having to be worried about getting attacked for those tastes, interests or views.
Which is what this fandom actually stands for, but Equestria Daily seems to have all but forgotten this spirit that brought the fandom together years ago.
I guess that is largely caused due to the fact that the fandom has aged, got established and has grown. With the show's increasing popularity, I guess it was inevitable that, at some point, people entered the fandom that didn't come for "Love & Tolerance" and who simply got attracted by cute ponies and the mature plot of the show alone and who weren't able to or willing to live by that principle as the early bronies in this fandom did.
Which is a problem that could be easily solved by adapting to that development and passing on the spirit of "Love & Tolerance" that the fandom was built on those six years ago to the new generation of bronies, but it is pretty apparent at this point that EQD is not the one who wants to adapt to this change and create an environment where this kind of tolerant spirit can still grow and thrive and continue to exist and flourish.
Which doesn't mean that spirit is dead. It is still very much alive in the fandom, it is just that most that carry it are not on Equestria Daily anymore and have left for greener pastures, wherever that may be.

In the end, it is really your call to make; if you want to be a friendly, nice and welcoming person to those who are different than you or if you choose to pick and bully and harass them until they leave on their own or, force them to leave in whatever way.
But if you choose the latter for yourself, don't see yourself as a good person, because if you pick on others for being different and cast them out for this, you are nothing but a person that lives by hatred and intolerance, which is a mindset the world truly does not need anywhere.
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CMC--Scootaloo Featured By Owner Edited May 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Even if those things you listed here would be the sins you believe they are, I would at least not be so vile to hate a perfectly nice pony for absolutely no reason other than wanting to have that opinion for the sake of having that opinion and wanting to be a dick and I would not attention-whoring and letting everyone know about that by making that my username.

Good riddance, sir.
SilverMerMira Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I have a feeling i have seen you're user name fly around on EQD, i comment there now and again but most users are a little perky meaning they try to hard .
Sure being positive is great and all but being over the top and so on kinda makes me want to explain to them the real world lol.
( nothing against you )
EQD is a site i have known about for 2 years or so , sites change as i say either for good or worst .
 Love & Tolerance to me has been dead for years and most fans abused that part and where the fandom has never been perfect nor learned from any mistakes they make but it goes for any fandom.
There are ways that users can ignore things, opinions are allowed which i feel users on there tend to forgot and meaning they would find it very hard to go else where on there net. 

I wish i knew what else to say right now , the best thing that you should do is close that chapter of the book if EQD refuses to change and to act like this.
sites are different ,rules /staff ect.
but the rest is a very grey area for me >.< i am still here if you ever want to talk though as well. 
CMC--Scootaloo Featured By Owner Edited Feb 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
"Love & Tolerance to me has been dead for years and most fans abused that part"

It is still here. EQD made me believe it has died, but occasionally, you see it flare up in a bright light here and there, even on this site.
It is not dead, it has just gone to a place in the fandom I don't know and it's only EQD as the big representation of the fandom that makes it look like it's dead.
Maybe one day, Love & Tolerance can be united under a new banner again.....

And I have closed that chapter now. I still frequent their news and look at all the fanwork that is featured there, but I won't comment there anymore. They have shown the good people aren't welcome on there.

"i am still here if you ever want to talk though as well."

Thanks. Nice words like this are really the last thing I expected to get here today.
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